o d y s s e y s

Odysseys is a series of essays written by La Serranía faculty and other associated
writers on the subjects of creativity, as discovered in their lives and work.

v o l u m e   o n e

  Of Homer, Junipero Serra & Stanley Kubrick     Tim Pennell

  The Creative Spirit    
Marsha Stonehouse

  Some Practical Thoughts on Moving
    Through Writer's Block & Three Poems
Ellen Bass

  How Painting Holds Me on the Earth    
Leigh Hyams

  Standing Out in Thunderstorms & Three Poems    
Carolyn Miller

  Me and Hoolio    
Michelle Benjamin

  A Healing Presence    
Ian Watson

  I Start to the Day    
Angus Clark

  Asking Directions in Paris    
Ellen Bass

  On Mallorca    
Carolyn Miller

  Some Talk About Making Art    
Leigh Hyams

  Why I Write    
Pam Houston


v o l u m e   t w o

  Writing As Sanctuary     Sharon Bray

  Two New Poems    
Ellen Bass

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