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p o w e r   y o g a   &   d a n c e   w o r k s h o p     Carin Ljungkvist

May 31 - June 7, 2008
Morning yoga classes and afternoon dance classes make this workshop a really fun and balanced way to get into shape!  Physically, mentally and emotionally.
What to expect?

The morning starts with a gentle 45 minute 'wake-up' yoga class with breathing exercises, followed by a nutritious and leisurely breakfast buffet served on the terrace. 

Later, we have the main 90 minute Power Yoga class – an active class that builds strength, flexibility and focus – with plenty of time for a swim, shower or sunbathing before another healthy meal at lunchtime.
The afternoon is yours to spend as you like. Before the sun goes down, we’ll get together for a 60 minute dance class, followed by half an hour of stretching and some relaxation exercises.

And then a delicious three course Mediterranean dinner to linger over.

During the week, we will break the routine to make a couple of excursions, e.g. to the local market and to a picturesque beach.

What is power yoga?

I say that it is a powerful yoga with a humble attitude to everyone.

It is a physical yoga where one uses their own bodyweight in a combination of movements, posture and breathing.

It generates warm muscles and strength, develop the ability to focus and to be in the present.
It releases stress and tension from the body and mind.

The goal with this power yoga is for you to experience your power, vitality and freedom in your body, and for you to be happy within your self!

When you practice power yoga you will come closer to your true self, be stronger and more in harmony with who you are.  Because of the open structure of this yoga, everyone can practice
it, no matter on what level you are.

In power yoga we try to become in balance with our whole body and mind thru the dynamic movements that is so specific for yoga.

I believe that the only way that we can be in balance with our mind is to first be in balance within our body.  Power yoga is one of the ways that we can take to reach this!

What kind of dance will we do?

Some evenings it will be soft flowing Jazz dance with different combinations and routines - to warm us up, build our strength and stretch us out, all with a great mix of modern music.  Other evenings, we’ll move into a Latino mix and enjoy some hot Salsa moves !

Carin Ljungkvist…

…studied dance and theatre at the School of Performing Arts in Gothenburg in 1997 and trained in Power Yoga at the World Class Instructor Academy in Stockholm in 2004.   She teaches dance and yoga in Sweden and leads groups internationally.

"I think Power Yoga is a perfect yoga technique because in this type of yoga everyone can join regardless of their body history, emotions and goals.  I like to have a very easygoing atmosphere in my classes, I really want everyone to feel just as much like yogis as the next person!  I do the movements and postures in different levels so that everyone can build up their strength in a safe way."

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