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                                                                                                   Sharon Bray & Heidi Darr-Hope

May 24 - 31, 2008
To create a sanctuary for authentic self-expression is to engage ourselves creatively in a search for meaning. Whether we express ourselves through words, music, dance or images, our mind, body, and soul merge, and we experience a unique way to connect with the unseen spiritual forces that guide and support our lives.

Led by Sharon Bray, writer & Senior Partner of Amherst Writers and Artists, and Heidi Darr-Hope, studio artist & creator of the Healing Icons® workshop series, in this week long retreat, we will explore our individual spiritual journeys by combining creative writing with visual images created through various mixed media techniques.
As we unite and interweave our writing with our art, our own personal icons emerge as a unique testament to the profound mystery of life and creative expression.

Sharon Bray believes in the creative gifts within each person.  In her writing workshops, she helps others to free their natural writing voice and experience the joy of creative self-expression.  She is the director of Wellspring Writers and a former Senior Partner of Amherst Writers and Artists. She has written and published two books on the healing power of writing:  A Healing Journey: Writing Together Through Breast Cancer (2004) and When Words Heal:  Writing Through Cancer (2006). Her books chronicle the power of writing together to heal, not only through life-threatening illness, but in the ways we seek to understand and make sense of our lives.

Sharon has written and published a children's book, poetry, memoir and a number of professional articles.  Most recently she co-edited the anthology: Learning to Live Again, published by the Stanford University School of Medicine.  Her work has appeared in academic journals, Moxie Magazine, Women‚s Forum, and in the memoir anthology, Looking Back: Stories of our Mothers and Fathers in Retrospect.   Her work is featured on the accompanying DVD to the book Writing Alone & With Others, by Pat Schneider.

Sharon has studied Literary Fiction through the University of Washington, Transformative Language Arts at Goddard College, and creative writing at Humber College, Toronto.   She holds a doctorate in Applied Psychology from the University of Toronto.

Heidi Darr-Hope’s life and art follow an intuitive path influenced by her love to travel as well as her internal drive to understand herself as a spiritual being.   Having worked as a professional artist for over thirty years, she has developed a personal visual language to express and understand her life. The mixed media works she creates speak to the intricate balance between inner and outer experiences where serendipitously the unseen often becomes visible.

In 2001, The South Carolina Midlands Magazine name Heidi Darr-Hope one of the top ten – Woman Making a Difference.  Her work within the arts as well as the healing profession is broad and diverse.  Healing Icons®, her pioneer workshop series, introduces the creative process as a tool for psycho-spiritual growth as well as a means of understanding the emotional turmoil of life-disrupting events through the art of self-expression.

Her workshops are offered throughout the country for the general population as well for individuals facing life threatening diseases and confronting bereavement issues.

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