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Charity Yoga Retreat
Earth & Sky

Brigitte Lichtner

May 12 - 19, 2018

About Charity

Your Yoga practice will support the Africa Yoga Project ! Since her first journey to Africa 1995, Brigitte felt connected with this amazing continent, it's different landscapes and cultures and colourful, multifaced people. Some years ago she heard about AYP and is curiously following their activities.
Their vision and mission is to create opportunities especially for youth to become self-sustaining leaders in their communities.
The amount for yoga teaching will be 100 % donated to this awesome organisation in Kenya.
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About the Retreat

Brigitte Lichtner - Mountain

"Light as a feather – strong as a mountain" is a powerful, taoistic aphorism for the yogic sutra sthiram sukham asanam.

In touching the human senses and elements of our body, we explore the two poles for the smooth approach towards the balance between them – for our physical, emotional and mental standing in the front of the challenges of daily life, light and strong at the same time.

The combination of daily individual Vinyasa Flow classes and meditative, sensitive Yin-Yoga classes for all levels open the energy channels to connect with your heart, meeting the purest form of yourself.

Variations of purifying and balancing pranayama techniques and mindful meditation support you on your path for equanimity of mind, letting go and healing through inner stillness. Conscious breath is our strongest tool to shift us at any time, any place, any situation directly to the here and now, to our center.

In the beautiful surroundings by pure nature and the all present relaxing atmosphere, at La Serrania you are invited to enjoy a multilayer journey through the body, mind and soul for new experiences on your personal yoga path.


About Brigitte Lichtner | Lovely Lotus Yoga

After exploring different yoga styles, during her first Vinyasa Flow class she really felt coming home. Since then the former Interior Architect is a passionate reformer of her soul´s home in healing and becoming whole – as a continuous process, on and off the matt. The first education in Vinyasa Flow has been at karmakarma in Germany, inspired by Laughing Lotus New York. International workshops f.e. with Ross Rayburn and Kenny Frisby intruduced her to Yoga Therapeutics and the incredible joyful world of transitions. Advanced Teacher Trainings with David Lurey and Mirjam Wagner in Spain led her with deep gratitude to Bhakti Yoga, deepened her love for shifting chanting, the knowledge of the human body, the mind´s perils and the souls subtle communication. Each training is a personal enrichment - actually she is a student of the 300 hrs course in Svastha Yoga Therapy by Günter Niessen, Germany. Her classes are characterized by her joy for yoga, sensitive creativity and subtle feeling for music, sounds and arrangements, founded in her individual experience and philosophy of life and love for sharing.

"Accept and love what is, let go what was and have faith in what will be."

Brigitte Lichtner
Brigitte Lichtner


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