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                                                                                                            Thomas Michael Fortel

14 - 21, 2011 FULL
The greats saints and sages of India have repeatedly told us that the Divine lies within, that the body is a temple for the indwelling Lord.  The practice of Hatha Yoga is an honoring of the body as a vessel of this energy, this life force, this prana.
Yoga is a tool of healing that works on many levels.  The ancient yogis developed the practice as a purifying agent as a way to cleanse the nadis (energy channels) and chakras (energy centers) in preparation for the body to receive and hold the light of Divine Consciousness.

What begins as an exercise class eventually moves us to the depths of our own inner temple. Yoga practice becomes sacred prayer. "What we practice on the yoga mat becomes a way of being in the world."

Our daily schedule will consist of an early moring chanting, pranayama and meditation session; a mid-morning active yoga practice focusing on dynamic and energetic poses; and an afternoon restorative yoga practice focusing on relaxing and renewing poses. There will be time for questions and sharing in the evenings.

The yoga retreat is both serious and fun, individual and community building.

As a teacher of yoga, Thomas Michael Fortel, brings much more to his classes than the physical postures. He recognizes each person in the room as a physical, emotional and spiritual being and addresses this in a clear and forthright manner. "I feel it is important to acknowledge the healing and emotional processes which are emerging in the yoga room. I make space in the retreats for sharing and dialoguing. In this way, each student feels seen and heard and this in itself creates community."

A student of yoga for over 18 years, Thomas has engaged the practices of hatha yoga, pranayama, meditation, chanting and seva. He is well-trained in the mechanics of the physical body as a registered nurse, massage therapist and from his teacher's training experience in Iyengar Yoga. "Because of my own spiritual path and years of practice, I give a lot of focus to the spiritual foundation of the yoga practice. What is happening in the yoga room goes way beyond the physical body."

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