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i n t o   t h e    b o d y:   r e j u v e n a t i o n   &   s e l f - c a r e

                                                                                              Greg Blaney & Michelle Benjamin

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Based on the book, Into the Body, by Michelle Benjamin and Dr. Greg Blaney, the program material introduces tools for self-care aimed at empowering the individual with the ability to discern the difference between what does, and does not, work for them.

By accessing basic knowledge on how the body is designed and how to recognize living cycles of change, participants will be encouraged to explore and expand their self awareness.
Arenas include symptom interpretation, fitness, nutrition, detoxification and elimination, as well as communication skills, naturopathic remedies, psychological toxins and stress management.

Into the Body

"It is important that you know how to define your therapeutic choices. And, given the unique and somewhat unpredictable way that life changes ... the accidents, injuries, diets, pregnancies, the stress, the aging process ... it's also important that you know how to adapt those therapies to meet your evolving needs. As enormous as this requirement may seem, recent research combined with time proven healing arts makes it most certainly within reach.

Symptoms are messages waiting to be decoded. By learning how to interpret them, you can build whole new perspectives in personal healing.  You can, regulate your health and begin to take charge of your life."

Personalized Attention

Each participant will be offered a personal health assessment to help insure that specific needs are supported in the workshop setting. Daily activities include movement classes, guided meditation and educational presentations.

Fine Dining

Fine dining, elegantly presented, will be prepared by our internationally acclaimed chef whose speciality is the exquisite Mediterranean cuisine.

Know Thyself

Navigating life is a skill.
It is the mediation of cause and effect practiced both consciously and unconsciously by the overviewing Self; the highest seat of personal awareness.

Know thyself is the inscription adorning ancient archways of Greek architecture.  The body's immune system is, the physical manifestation of a beings ability to recognize itself. It highlights the importance of discernment ... of knowing what is true to one's nature, and what is not.

Our intention is to present a solid yet diverse platform of learning whereby the individual may readily venture this art, this age old wisdom of Self knowledge and focused intent.

Cutting Edge Information

An environment that includes great food, a peaceful atmosphere and the company of contemporary peers. Cutting edge information in health care research combined with knowledge gathered from modern consciousness studies. You are heartily invited to join us as we continue to explore and chart the brave new world of the living, bodily experience.

Greg Blaney, M.D.
With 25 years of experience in holistic medicine, Greg offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in the healing arts. A renowned practitioner of osteopathy, neural therapy, and complex homeopathy, he has lead numerous workshops and intensive retreats throughout North America. He has co-developed large community based wellness programs and co-authored into the body. Greg also has extensive training and experience in various psychological approaches including bioenergetics, somato-emotional release, hypnotherapy and breathwork.
He is an engaging and inspirational speaker and teacher and is at present
in private practice in Vancouver, Canada.

Michelle Benjamin

Michelle has over 20 years experience in dance and movement. Combining her gifts as an intuitive consultant and utilizing body awareness gleaned from her training and background in osteopathy, she expresses an an exuberant talent to guide and encourage. Michelle is an elegant practitioner of yoga and tai chi. Her knowledge includes studies with Mayan shamans, Jamaican bush doctors, North American Native healers and world renowned psychics. She has trained in bioenergetics, gestalt, psychodrama, hypnosis, sound therapy, and communication. Besides authoring into the body, she writes children's books and is an avid poet.

Week one - topics include:
body awareness, flexibility, strength, stamina, communication skills,
the psychology of pain, movement and freedom of expression

Week two - topics include:
nutrition, detoxification and elimination, massage, first aid utilizing alternative remedies, movement and freedom of expression,stress management

Limited to 10 participants.

Read Michelle Benjamin's Odyssey'Me and Hoolio'

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