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t h e   a r t   o f   c o n s c i o u s   c r e a t i o n     Ian Watson

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In the early stages of consciousness, we tend to see ourselves as being the victim of various aspects of our life situation, and we look outside ourselves for someone to blame.

Then, as we begin to grow inwardly, we are required to take greater self-responsibility for
our life and we start to recognize our own active participation in those areas in which we had previously believed ourselves to be helpless.
Gradually, or sometimes suddenly, it begins to dawn on us that the driving force behind our entire life's direction has always been internal.

What we once believed were random and unintended events are now seen to be self-created scenarios perfectly crafted to bring us closer to full consciousness.

This process is one of bringing into conscious awareness the hitherto hidden dynamics of our own unconscious Self, and is probably the most challenging and the most rewarding journey that any of us can undertake. What would it mean to let go of blame and regret, and to fully acknowledge the creative principle that exists inside you? If you really knew that you were free to shape your own life destiny from now on, what choices would you make from that place within yourself?

In the beautiful and peaceful setting of La Serrania, we will have the opportunity to take time out from our busy schedules and explore these topics together in a small and supportive group atmosphere.

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