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    Marsha Stonehouse

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"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
                                              - Albert Einstein -

This course is based on the knowledge that creativity is the natural order of life.  When we can open ourselves to our creativity, we open ourselves to the true, unlimited potential of our lives.

In this course, Marsha will lead you through processes that will enable you to connect more closely to your own source of creativity.
Designed for everyone from blocked artists to those who think they have no creative ability, it provides a stimulating, enlightening and enjoyable experience.

We will use writing and visualization as basic tools for self-exploration and to illuminate personal belief systems that may be blocking a more creative life style. In addition, "hands-on" painting and drawing exercises help participants connect directly to their own expressive language and in turn, to the creativity expressed by others.

These experiences enable people to bypass their potentially limiting thought patterns, use "right brain" perceptions and work directly with the intuition...  the source of our most powerful, creative self.

Marsha Stonehouse is an artist from Toronto who has exhibited in Canada and Asia. She has lived for the past 20 years creatively exploring painting, drawing, sculpture, dance, music, writing, martial arts, travel, psychotherapy and spirituality.

She has worked with groups for many years, teaching painting, drawing and leading creativity workshops.

Read Marsha Stonehouse's Odyssey:  'The Creative Spirit'

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spring 2008
  Cooking, Walking & Massage
  Tai Chi, Mountain Walks & Massage
  Freefall Writing
  Writing Between Life & Fiction
  Mountain Walks & Massage
  Private Retreat: 'No Teacher, No Method
  Writing for Our Lives
  Yoga, Mountain Walks & Massage
  Yoga: Practicing a New Way of Being
  Sanctuary: Exploring Self in Writing & Art
  Power Yoga & Dance Workshop
  Spring Yoga Retreat
  Yoga & Cooking Workshop
summer 2008
  Summer Retreat

autumn 2008
  Art & the Attentive Traveller
  Tai Chi, Mountain Walks & Reflexology

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