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For the entire week participants will be able to focus exclusively on an art-making area of particular interest to them - drawing, collage, artists books, mixed media, or any kind of painting, including watercolor, oil, acrylic, gouache, or tempera.

Working one-on-one with the instructor, students will deepen their understanding of the many ideas, attitudes and possibilities inherent in their choice of medium, strengthening their skills and opening new areas for future exploration.

Student may bring their own art supplies or purchase them on the island. There will be two optional excursions/field trips during the week and the workshop is appropriate both for beginners and experienced artists.

Leigh Hyams is a painter/teaching-artist at UC Berkeley Extension, at JFK University, at Esalen in California and at Atsitsa in Greece.

A Fulbright Scholar whose work has been exhibited internationally, she leads painting intensives and art tours in the U.S., Latin America and Europe for museums and universities.

Please visit Leigh Hyam's website at

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  'How Painting Holds Me on the Earth'   &    'Some Talk About Making Art'

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