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m i x e d   m e d i a ,    p a i n t i n g   &   a r t i s t s '   b o o k s

                                                                                                                      Leigh Hyams

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There exists a wild spirit within each of us, a strong, intuitive, creative self.  The ability to draw and paint is in everyone.

Master artist-teacher Leigh Hyams is able to release the creativeness in any beginner curious about the creative process, and to enable those with art experience to deepen and expand their individual voices as artists.

An artists' book is an intimate universe... a private space for an artist to create a seamless experience of personal images, language and thought.

Participants' work in mixed media, orthodox and unorthodox, will provide new techniques and ideas to use in creating and completing their own artists' books during the week.

The inventive use of resists, inks, dyes, frottage, fabrics, offset printing techniques and natural pigments and materials from the environment, combined with transparent and opaque paints, will provide participants with a new and expanded vocabulary for making art.

Demonstrations, conversations, critiques and slide presentations are an integral part of the course. Previous experience is not necessary.

Leigh Hyams is a painter/teaching-artist at UC Berkeley Extension, at JFK University, at Esalen in California and at Atsitsa in Greece.

A Fulbright Scholar whose work has been exhibited internationally, she leads painting intensives and art tours in the U.S., Latin America and Europe for museums and universities.

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