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                                                                                                        Angus Clark & Tim Pennell

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There is no mystery to good health - for thousands of years people have known that good food, good exercise, quality rest time and good company go a long way to creating a successful recipe for living well.

This retreat offers you all of these - the restorative moves of tai chi, uplifting walks in the mountains and the deep relaxation of massage - all to boost your immune system and recharge your batteries. It's the perfect time of year for a spring refresher.

Exercise with Tai Chi - the movements of tai chi are profound and simple. They revitalise, strenghten and nourish and are designed to bring you, the player into a state of alert balance and harmony within yourself and your environment.

Angus is a facilitator skilled in making accessable the spirit of tai chi movement. Working with innovative ways to free the body and with set moves from tai chi, he will help you to embody the magical essence of the art both on a mental and physical level. You are sure to take home with you something practical, inspiring and directly applicable to your day to day home and working life.

There'll be pre-breakfast and mid-morning sessions, mostly outside, where the soft call of the Hoopoes amoung the olive trees, the timeless sound of goat bells and the stunning views of the mountains across the valley create a unique and special atmosphere.

Newcomers to tai chi and seasoned travellers are all welcome.

........and Walking in the Mountains - one day and at least two afternoons will be for exploring the area on foot, breathing clean mountain air, taking in the early spring sunshine and beauty of the landscape.

Quality Rest - there's plenty of restoration time for you on this retreat and receiving a massage at some time during the week with a professional masseuse is part of that.

And Good Food - eating well is de rigeur at La Serranía and mealtimes are always a delight. The food is carefully and freshly prepared each day, packed with vitality and local flavour and accompanied by well chosen wines. And you can always choose how you play it - good strong coffee or delicate herbal tea harvested from the garden. Vegitarians and omnivarians are all catered for.

ANGUS CLARK is a professional movement coach and instructor in Tai Chi. He has over 20 years in-depth study experience of tai chi and dynamic movement meditation and was the last westerner to study with the late Grandmaster of Tai chi, Dr. Chi Chiang Tao. He is founder/director of the School of Living Movement in Devon, UK.
An experienced group facilitator, he now works in applying this age-old wisdom to the modern day needs of individuals and groups, in the private, public and business sectors. He is author of several publications including 'The Complete Illustrated Guide to Tai Chi' and is consultant for 'Pocket Secrets of Qigong'.

TIM PENNELL, the Canadian co-founder of La Serranía, has been exploring the mountains of Mallorca since childhood and will choose walks to suit the abilities and interests of the group.

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